Residual Income Programs – Income That Keeps Coming

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Residual Income Programs - Income That Keeps Coming

People may ask; what exactly is residual income and how do we go about earning it? Don’t be worried; first, we need to understand the concept of recurring revenue. We also need to know why it is so important. Then we will discuss how to earn it.

Residual Income Programs - Income That Keeps Coming

Residual income is an income that keeps coming. You do something once, and then the effort or money that you invested keeps on paying you back. This means that a constant stream of income without putting in a continual effort is ensured.

Is it possible to earn income while you are asleep? This may sound strange to some people but, yes, it is possible. The most conventional way that people define residual income is income earned while sleeping.

Importance of building a residual income

This article is aimed at explaining the importance of building a residual income and also to emphasize the need for individuals to leverage the network marketing business model if their dreams are to gain financial and time freedom. So, even if you presently work a job or business, it is needful that you pay attention to network marketing to develop residual or passive income over time.

Residual income is a concept that many people ignore without understanding that their future well-being is dependent on it.

By going to work every day and receiving a salary monthly, you’re merely exchanging time with money. Your salary is not residual. If your work stops, your income stops automatically.

No one can deny the importance of an ongoing income. Earning a current income can change your life. Earning a residual income means that you continue making money even if you don’t work. It is very comfortable knowing that you have that income stream continuing to come in.

Everyone must save for retirement because no one can work forever. When you retire, you still need to have a stream of income coming in. This is similar to a residual income with one big difference. Retirement money is money that you earned and put away to spend later. Residual income is money that you did the work for one time and continues to get paid over and over again. This is an income stream that continues to come in addition to what you have saved. This is very powerful.

Recurring income

Making a recurring income is possible in many ways and if you have a lot of money or assets like property etc., then generating a long term income is not a problem. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, housing units, etc. Many people believe that earning recurring income is possible for only those who have a lot of accumulated wealth. However, this is not true. Residual income generation is possible by other means as well.

Residual income affiliate programs are a great example. Being an affiliate is a hot internet job these days. What one has to do is to market and promote products of different companies. On each sale, you get a commission. Many affiliate programs generate residual income. There are companies which offer commission not only on purchases but also on specific actions done by prospective clients. For example, viewing their product details and registering for newsletters. Therefore, if one has a loyal audience and an excellent capture page, the residual income will keep on generating as long as the audience is taking appropriate actions on the page. There exist many business initiatives that you can leverage in your effort to build residual income. But do recommend network marketing, because it doesn’t require a tone of investment capital to set up.

A lot has been said about network marketing by various network marketing professionals, but many still feign ignorance about it.

The reason why some people don’t join a network marketing business opportunity is that:

  • They have been conditioned by society to be consumers of goods and not producers.
  • They have been packaged to buy “education” but not to acquire knowledge
  • They have been conditioned to have a “job” but not to own a “business.”
  • They have been conditioned to be workers but not to be their bosses.
  • They are non-thinkers instead of going getters
  • They are intimidated by anything that challenges them.

That is what this all about. It’s about people who are so afraid of learning, and stepping out of their comfort zones and being paralyzed by their fears.

It’s about being comfortable and caring what other people might think. It’s about their family feeling they are failures if they do anything besides just having a job.

If you’re working presently, understand that you are only exchanging your time and effort for the pay cheque you receive at the end of the month. That’s okay though, but by going to work daily, you are not building residual income which will enable you to get water supply without having to go to the river.

Because of what has been outlined above, what should you be thinking of doing now? Continue with your job but alongside your post, approach a network marketing professional to set up a network marketing business that you should be doing on a part-time basis. The little part-time effort you put into the business will, before long, yield a significant result.

There are some misconceptions regarding ongoing income. Some people think that it is straightforward to do and works on autopilot. These misconceptions need to be cleared. First, one needs to put in a lot of effort and time to make a specific extra affiliate program work. Also, one has to review it from time to time to keep it working.


It is essential that you realize residual income is not a quire wealth quick scheme. It helps you with your financial circumstance, but only if you are willing to work hard indeed and put in the time. For some, it can be a slow method of taking months or even years.

People who are making a living with residual income typically create a full-time salary from more than one source. In this way, if one of their income streams gets cut off, they will manage theirs and perhaps even branch out a bit more. A passive recurring income stream doesn’t have to be isolated to one venue. Because it nearly runs itself, you are provided the freedom to test and evaluate other sources of recurring passive income.

Therefore, if you have a vision and you are ready to work hard, then you can start generating a decent recurring income in a small amount of time.

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