The Travel Rulebook for eating right (2017 update)

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The Travel Rulebook for eating right


In your home territory, you may be quite the foodie to watch out for. You know your steak well-done and can differentiate between a good Bolognese from stale from a distance of 20 meters. But sadly, all your masterful culinary skills become futile in a land unknown. Lost in a foreign city, hampered by a strange language, most travelers find it really difficult to eat right.

However, it is imperative to make sure you’re in-taking a healthy diet while traveling. Eating right on a vacation not only keeps your energy levels up all through the stay but also makes sure you don’t end up sickening your way to the hospital. It is not that tricky either. All it takes is some planning and a little control.

Here are a few tips on how to eat healthy while traveling to include in your vacation rulebook:

1.    Snack it up

Yes. Packing some healthy snacks for the trip is always a good idea. Even though, we all truly anticipate relishing the local cuisine of the exotic destination that we are visiting, it never harms to include some nibbles in your traveling kitty. Pack some healthy snacks like granola bars, dark chocolate chips, fruits that have a long shelf life and hard cheeses in your bag. This also gives you a safety net to fall back on, in case you really can’t digest the local cuisine of your holiday spot.

2.    Explore the local eateries

This rule is for the keeps. Avoid eating at fast food chains like McDonalds and Chipotle while traveling. Irrespective of the destination, junk food in any country is unhealthy (*snickers*). Opt for famous local eateries that serve delicious and fresh food to keep your gut smiling through the trip.

3.    Smaller meals FTW

Instead of following the standard – breakfast, lunch and dinner routine, experiment eating 4-5 small meals For The Win. Eating smaller and more frequent meals keeps those unnecessary hunger pangs in check and also allows you to gorge on small but lots of different servings of the local cuisine.

4.    Go nuts

We know what you’re thinking, yes, the pun is terrible. Now, the metaphor may be a little corny but the advice is really not. Dried fruits and nutritious nuts like almonds, pistachios and walnuts are your true friends while traveling. These nifty, little fighters soothe your hunger pangs and keep your energy up while traveling or trekking. So go ahead, go a little nuts and pack some of that healthy delight.


5.    Eat your vitamins

We hate to sound like your nagging physician, but the good doctor does know best. Vitamins not only improve your metabolism but also enhance your immunity. And, while traveling to a mysterious land unknown, your immune system can take all the help it can get. You can also add some useful supplements to your diet while vacationing. Health supplements like melatonin help you assimilate to a foreign climate better and improve your sleeping patterns.

6.    One and done rule

This is one to keep for the books. The One -and-Done rule is not only a great tenet to follow while traveling but is also a valuable health advice. Eat only a single carbohydrate and fat rich meal per day. We know, we know, the thought of missing out on your favourite, juicy hamburger and your cheezy pepperoni pizzas for dinner may sound galling but will do wonders for your health while on a vacation.

7.    Hydrate

Yup. The good ol’ H2O to the rescue. Hydrate generously and as frequently as you can while on vacation. Water keeps your gut clean and your body fit enough to suit the change in climate and pressure that you experience while holidaying. As long as we’re talking drinking, regulate your alcohol intake and feel free to drink two cups of coffee everyday to keep your spirits up.

Keep these tips on how to eat healthy while travelling to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Happy exploring, travelbugs!


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